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Sustaining the 6S Method: Tips for Long-Term Success

By Devavrat Hegde on Jul 17, 2023 12:12:47 PM


Maintaining a clean and organized living or working environment is essential for productivity, safety, and overall well-being. The 6S method originated in manufacturing but has been effective in other settings as well. We’ve outlined a highly level overview of the five key steps in our first blog of this series, with a follow-up blog on the difficulties of sustaining it. In this blog post, we will delve into the importance of sustaining the 6S method and provide you with practical tips to help maintain the gains achieved through the previous steps. But first, a refresher on the updated Six Steps:

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Kamishibai: Enhancing Auditing with Visual Management

By Devavrat Hegde on Jun 19, 2023 3:48:38 PM

Introduction and Background:

Kamishibai (pronounced ka-MEE-she-bye), a methodology originating from Japan, combines storytelling and visual management to revolutionize auditing processes. Inspired by traditional Japanese street theater, Kamishibai harnesses the power of visuals and the concept of "gemba" to conduct audits at the workplace. Organizations can streamline their auditing efforts by employing cards on boards and driving compliance, transparency, and continuous improvement.

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A3-Problem-Solving to Unlock Effective Solutions

By Devavrat Hegde on May 24, 2023 4:11:45 PM

In the realm of problem-solving methodologies, the A3 method stands out as a structured and efficient approach to tackling complex challenges. Originating from the Toyota Production System, this problem-solving technique has been widely adopted in various industries and organizations worldwide. In this blog post, we will explore the need for the A3 method and its significant benefits to individuals and organizations.

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Economies of Scale Are Nice, But Rigidities of Scale?

By Gauthier Duval on Oct 20, 2022 3:31:07 PM




The effect of economies of scale is well-established and important for businesses. It is the principle behind the “learning curve effect” and the strategic value of gaining market share.

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How To Perform Root Cause Analysis With the “Five Times Why” Method

By Gauthier Duval on Sep 23, 2022 6:49:14 PM

In an earlier blog post, we said that defect prevention depended on understanding the root cause(s). Because this is such an important part of the problem-solving process, let’s explore it further.

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How to Reduce Transactional Complexity with Lean

By Gauthier Duval on Jun 22, 2022 9:49:05 AM

Have you ever wondered where all the overhead in your business is coming from? Transaction costs might be to blame, but luckily there are things you can do to minimize these. Lean methodology holds the keys to reducing the most readily addressable issues affecting transaction costs in your business.

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Additional Capacity vs Additional Inventory: Which is Better?

By Gauthier Duval on Jun 6, 2022 9:50:13 AM

You’ll sometimes hear inventory referred to as “crystallized capacity,” the idea being that when you have limited capacity, building inventory is a solution that helps you meet customer demand. The typical example is a seasonal business, like a manufacturer of skiing equipment. 

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Value Stream Mapping: Trap or Treasure?

By Gauthier Duval on Jun 1, 2022 2:05:27 PM

Value stream mapping seems like a cryptic artificial constraint to the outsider, but it can actually be a powerful tool for your business. If you get past seeing this as a documentation exercise and explore the possibilities it exposes for operational improvements, you’ll see how a value stream map is worth your time.

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The Six Ideals of the Toyota Production System

By Gauthier Duval on Jun 1, 2022 2:04:54 PM

Many people know about the two pillars of the Toyota Production System (TPS): just-in-time and jidoka, and they probably know the two principles of TPS – continuous improvement and respect for people.

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Why Standard Work is the “Secret Weapon” of the Best Lean Companies

By Gauthier Duval on Jun 1, 2022 2:01:52 PM

In this blog, we’ll provide a solution to a common problem across all industries: insufficient standardization, leading to quality issues and inconsistent throughput rates.

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