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What is New Lean?

Put simply, in traditional lean we apply the principle of just-in-time to materials. 

But to make something, you need more than material; You need people and equipment. Because of the rigidity with which we approach labor and equipment, lean has not applied the just-in-time principle there. But with digital marketplaces and other innovations like the industrial internet of things, that's changing. "New lean" is about applying just-in-time to not just materials but labor and equipment as well.

About Veryable

We at Veryable connect manufacturing, warehousing and logistics businesses to workers through our online marketplace, enabling a real-time approach to production. We give workers more options and give flexibility and control to leaders on the shop floor. 

Our Co-founders started Veryable after seeing how difficult it is to maintain efficient production and match the workforce to the task at hand. They saw how rigidity in labor practices made things difficult for operations leaders. 

We believe on-demand, flexible labor is the future of manufacturing and the new frontier of Lean.




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