10 min read

Do People Really Hate Their Job? (And Can You Change That?)

By Gauthier Duval on Jul 19, 2022 10:10:29 AM

There is a lot of talk about how difficult it is for businesses to find and keep workers. Whether you call it “The Great Resignation” or another term, something is clearly happening. The sixty-four-thousand-dollar question is, “What’s driving this?”.

Topics: Culture job design Psychology Lean basics
4 min read

Additional Capacity vs Additional Inventory: Which is a Better Solution?

By Gauthier Duval on Jun 6, 2022 9:50:13 AM

You’ll sometimes hear inventory referred to as “crystallized capacity,” the idea being that when you have limited capacity, building inventory is a solution that helps you meet customer demand. The typical example is a seasonal business, like a manufacturer of skiing equipment. 

Topics: Agility Lean basics
5 min read

The Six Ideals of the Toyota Production System

By Gauthier Duval on Jun 1, 2022 2:04:54 PM

Many people know about the two pillars of the Toyota Production System (TPS): just-in-time and jidoka, and they probably know the two principles of TPS – continuous improvement and respect for people.

Topics: Lean Methodology Lean basics
5 min read

Why Lean Culture is Key to Revitalizing US Manufacturing

By Gauthier Duval on Jun 1, 2022 1:54:44 PM

Lean companies talk about “respect for people'' as a key piece of the Lean mindset, but what does it mean? It means that those who are closest to the process and add value are the true experts when it comes to rapid and sustained kaizen and that the role of managers is to develop and empower them. 

Topics: Lean basics
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