You can't call yourself lean if you don't use on-demand labor.

Lean at its heart is flexibility and using the concept of just-in-time. When you make exactly what the customer needs, exactly in the quantity needed and exactly when needed, you minimize waste and maximize flexibility.

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Applying the principle of just in time (JIT) to every factor of production (labor, equipment, flow, materials) requires an evolution of Lean thinking. Through the Lean Center of Excellence, Veryable is inviting you to be part of redefining how production works in the US.

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Vision & Mission

Our vision is to revitalize American industry and workers with next-generation manufacturing based on “Full Just in Time."

Our mission at the Lean COE is to apply innovative Lean thinking and technology to accelerate and enhance the Lean transformation for businesses of all sizes while providing operators the freedom to pursue their own work path.

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Powered by expertise

Gauthier Duval, director of Veryable's Lean Center of Excellence, has over 18 years of experience with Lean, mainly in the automotive, pharma, and electronics industries.

He has led over 160 kaizens in 14 countries and over 100 Value Stream Mapping workshops. Gauthier holds an MBA from the University of South Alabama and a DESCAF (Masters in Business Administration and Finance) from ESC Pau (France).

Prior to Veryable, Gauthier occupied senior consultant and project manager roles in consulting (Growtth consulting Europe and Simpler Consulting) and  was  Manager of Training Operations at Lean Alliance, where he developed the Lean Engineering “black belt” program. He trained over 100 Lean Black Belts in Europe, the Americas and Asia. He was responsible for the introduction of lean management systems at MacLean-Fogg (company-wide) as Executive Lean Advisor, and at Hillenbrand (Global Functions) as Sr. Director, Hillenbrand Operating Model.

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